Christmas Tree Farm Sessions | Family photography

The Christmas Tree Farm sessions were so fun this year! I didn’t actually post that I would be doing these as this was my first year there, but I’m so happy with how they turned out! I will definitely do these again next year and have a sign up for them.

112017_Mickley family-2112017_Mickley family-3112017_Mickley family-7112017_Bachmam family-4112017_Bachmam family-3112017_Bachmam family-1112017_Brantly family-1112017_Dorrell family-1112017_Huffman family-1112017_Huffman family-2112017_Huffman family-4

112017_L family tree farm-10112017_L family tree farm-11112017_L family tree farm-12

Shout out to the Jordan Lake Tree Farm for letting me shoot at their farm! Thank you!


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